May spectators just come and watch?

Anyone is welcome at our matches, whether shooting or not. You will be required to fill out a waiver, and you will be required to wear eye and ear protection at all times.

Download Waiver

How do I join Dallas Action Pistol Shooters?

See the Club Membership form and pay online or bring cash to the next match. Membership gives you a discount on match fees and helps support the club.

How do I choose which match?

Try them all of course! In general, Hybrid Action Pistol stages are more p rescribed and shorter while USPSA stages are more wide open and allow you to get more creative. Steel stages require fast shooting and have some movement.

Hybrid Action Pistol stages tend to be shorter and simpler than steel or USPSA stages. Beginners should be able to easily get their feet wet shooting at paper and testing their accuracy on steel plates.

USPSA stages are free-style, with no required cover, no concealment garments, no reload specifications, and typically higher round counts. A USPSA field course will have up to 32 rounds per stage. USPSA courses typically only dictate starting position, and the stage description usually consists of shoot them as you see them. If you like puzzles you'll love a complex USPSA stage

Steel stages are fast paced shooting challenges mixed with mental execution tests. There will be some movement and a mix of non-reactive and reactive steel. This is NOT steel challenge. Some experience with competitive shooting is recommended. The stages have time limits and require mental gymnastics to perform well.

What equipment do I need?

A gun, holster, magazines, pouches, ammo, and safety equipment. See the Equipment Page

What division should I compete in?

Contact Us or bring your gun and we can let you know what would be most suitable. Most service pistols fit into Production/Limited (USPSA). 1911s in Single Stack (USPSA). See the Divisions Page

Do I need a fancy (expensive) 'race' gun?

Nope. You'll find most people shoot to test themselves and have fun with guns they like. Remember, shooters with race guns only compete against other race gun shooters. Divisions break down further into Classes, so shooters of roughly the same skill level compete against each other.

What Class am I shooting in?

First time shooters are Unclassified. You'll need to become a USPSA member to be classified.

How do I get Classified in USPSA?

In USPSA you shoot a series of classifier stages until you have at least 4 for your initial classification. USPSA classifier stages are a part of almost every USPSA match, and they vary greatly. You accumulate classifiers. USPSA classifications are Unclassified, D, C, B, A, M (Master), and GM (Grand Master). See the USPSA website for full details.

What about multigun or 3gun?

If just pistols isn't exciting enough for you you can participate in multigun matches where you will shoot a combination of pistol, rifle or shotgun in stages similar to action pistol shooting. DAPS does not host multigun matches but there are several groups who do in our Links section.

USPSA Reloads

You can reload at any time, from slide-lock or with rounds still available. Magazines can be left where they drop, no need to be retrieved.