In a Nutshell

So you've decided to come to your first match. Here's the short version.

Bring your eye and ear protection, unloaded gun, holster, 3+ magazines, mag pouches, ammo (100+ for Hybrid Action Pistol, 200+ for Steel and USPSA), some cash and an open mind. Leave your pistol in a bag until you've had the new shooter briefing. The ROs in the squad will look after you. Don't worry about the score or times, just shoot at a deliberate pace and focus on accuracy. If the weather has been poor make sure you check the website before driving down. Be safe, have fun.

Come Early

New shooters need to sign waivers and attend a safety briefing. Try to arrive about 45 minutes before start time. Let the staff know you are a new shooter.

Download Waiver

Be Safe, Be Safe, Be Safe

We're here to have fun and go home safely. The main gun safety rules still apply. Watch your muzzle, keep your finger off the trigger except when on target. Read the Safety Rules beforehand.

Shoot Slowwwwwly

You are going to be overwhelmed. Take your time and do not try to go fast. Shoot accurately, move slowly, take things one target at a time. It's all going to be a crazy adrenaline filled blur. Be safe, go deliberately and listen to the Safety Officer.

Ask Questions

People will be more than happy to be helpful. Everyone was new at some point. Ask about stages, technique, gear and experiences.

Have Fun!

Shooting should be a blast! Have fun.

Match Overview

Match Setup

  • The stages will be setup either the day before or a couple hours before registration.
  • Help is always appreciated.
  • Registration should be done online if possible. During peak season matches may fill up.
  • Pay your range and match fees.
  • Get geared up. Ask where you can handle your firearm to prevent a premature disqualification.
  • Squads will be created, generally 8-14 people per squad.
  • A shooters meeting will be announced and there will be a brief talk then everyone will break up into their respective squads.

The Match

  • The squads will read the stage description for each stage.
  • About 5 minutes will be given to create your stage plan.
  • Shooters will rotate through shooting the stage.
  • Everyone will help tape and reset.
  • New shooters should go last.
  • New shooters can request help and coaching from the Safety Officer.
  • Once everyone has shot the squad will move to the next stage and repeat the process.

Post Match

  • Please help break down the stages after the match is complete.
  • Remember this is a volunteer sport, everyone needs to pitch in.
  • Go home and start thinking about the next match!
  • Scores are usually posted within 1-24 hours of the match being finished.