Basic Skills

Here are a few skills you can practice before your first match. These are especially helpful if you've only shot at square-box, stand-and-shoot, one-second-per-shot ranges up to now.

Trigger finger discipline

Make it second nature to keep your finger off the trigger unless you are aiming at a target. Practice this while drawing, moving, reloading.

Practice reloading

With an unloaded handgun practice reloading until you can do it smoothly and consistently.

Dinner plate @ 15 yards

There are harder shots but this is a good indication that you have the accuracy needed to cover most targets. It's important that you can do this consistently.

Moving with your handgun pointed downrange

With an unloaded handgun practice moving in all directions with your handgun always pointed downrange.

Advanced Skills

If all that seemed easy then what are you waiting for? Come out and shoot with us!

Here are some more skills and drills that can benefit your shooting

Shooting on the move

Get low, lean forward. Practice moving forwards, backwards, sideways. See what works for you.

Different draws

Hand above shoulders, turn and draw, draw from a seated position, pickup your gun from a table.

Malfunction Clearing

Be able to recognize and deal with the various types of malfunctions you may experience. These can range from a failure to eject, stove-pipe, failure to feed, double feed, jammed round.

What challenges to expect?

  • While most targets are engaged under 10 yards they can be as far away as 50 yards.
  • Strong hand only shooting.
  • Weak hand only shooting.
  • 6" steel plates at 8+ yard distances.
  • Seated starts.
  • Turn and draw starts.
  • Unloaded gun-on-table starts.
  • Shooting on the move.
  • Engaging targets that require leaning.
  • Swinging, moving and disappearing targets.
  • Complex stage planning and puzzle solving.