Matches are placed on the calendar about 3 weeks beforehand.

  • Action Steel is every 1st Wednesday @ Elm Fork
  • USPSA is every 2nd Saturday @ ETTS
  • Hybrid Action Pistol is every 3rd Wednesday @ Elm Fork

Hybrid Action Pistol

A beginner friendly match loosely pulling elements from IDPA, USPSA and steel. There will be some movement and fun, fast drills disguised as stages.

Stages are shorter than our Steel or USPSA matches and will aim to highlight and test specific elements of shooting in each stage.

This is our most beginner friendly match and will test the skills of intermediate shooters. Experienced shooters will be able to crank up the speed and test out new skills and ideas.

Action Steel

A high speed, lead slinging, puzzle solving discipline. This is not stand and shoot like steel challenge. There is some movement, multiple shooting positions and the testing of your mental planning and shot execution skills.

Stages are both more restrictive and more inventive and mind bending than other action pistol sports. Mental flexibility and quick memorization is important to success.

While new shooters are welcome, the stages are best suited for intermediate shooters who are familiar with competition shooting. There is a 45 second par time (time limit) to keep the stages moving on time.

This is the most lax match in terms of equipment restrictions.


Freestyle execution and skill based test of your problem solving and shooting abilities. Compete with your carry gear all the way up to custom open blasters and picstol caliber carbines. This is the sport to go fast and where the highest level of pistol shooters in the world compete.

You can compete in divisions with common carry gear to space blasters to pistol caliber carbines. Matches are roughly double the round count of our IDPA matches.

Expect to face unique shooting challenges, tests of problem solving skills and flabbergasting memorization challenges. Your shooting and physical abilities will be tested on every stage.


We no longer put on IDPA matches. Cross Timbers in Fort Worth and Collin County IDPA in far north Dallas host IDPA matches in the metroplex

IDPA is more beginner friendly, has lower round count and less equipment required than other action pistol sports.

This is the most restrictive match in terms of equipment rules. There is an emphasis on accuracy over speed.