SAVE THE DATE - We are coordinating with USPSA to hold a Level 1 RO class at DPC in the June / July time-frame. We have requested the date of June 16/17 for the class, which will be held at Dallas Pistol Club in Carrollton, TX. The class is both Sat & Sun costing $70/person, with lunch included both days. The only requirement is that you must be a current USPSA member to attend the course.

Watch here, or on our Facebook group, to learn more. We expect to have the date confirmed and to start accepting registrations by mid March.

Updated: 03-07-2018

Hybrid Action Pistol @ Elm Fork 3-21-18
Thursday March 08, 2018 05:46 AM
This HYBRID match is a newer type of match we have been trying the past year, mixing some elements of steel and paper. This match is considered to be our MOST beginner friendly of all matches we run, but new shooters are always welcomed at all matches!

Please signup and squad yourself.

Our Hybrid Action Pistol match features a mix of paper and steel targets. The base difficulty will be low to moderate with no par time and simplified time-plus scoring. We explore stage designs which are otherwise limited by other match formats. Some elements include multiple engagement paths, precision execution tests, mental planning challenges and a variety of prop scenarios. Minimum round count ~75, bring 125 to be on the safe side.

Setup starts at 4:30pm for those who can help. Match check-in starts at 5:30pm and closes at 6pm (arrive earlier to check in with the range first). Match runs from 6pm-9pm, and we ask all participants to assist in breaking down and loading their stage equipment onto the trailer when the match is over.

Divisions: Double Stack, Single Stack, Open/Optics, PCC, Prod10SSP
SPLASH STEEL at Elm Fork 3-7-18
Thursday February 22, 2018 12:51 PM
SPLASH is Steel Pinging Lead-Alloy Slinging Happiness. This match features mostly static and some reactive steel plates and mind-melting stage designs. Hose as fast as you can go & do speed reloads. Load up your extended magazines in Single Stack, Double Stack, or Open Optic divisions. Time plus scoring. 5 stages, bring 150+ rounds to be on the safe side.

Sign in at 5:30pm, safety briefing required for all new shooters will be held at 6:00pm. Pay range fee ($14) in the office before signing up at the bays. Match fee: $10, 2018 DAPS members get $2 discount.

General match, with the following divisions:
Single Stack, Double Stack, Open/Optics, Shotgun, Pistol Caliber Carbine

Please register and squad yourself:
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