What is Practical Pistol Shooting?

Practical Pistol Shooting is a an international action shooting sport where competitors combine power, accuracy and speed. Differing from bullseye or Olympic target shooting we combine movement, multiple targets, reloads and unique one-off stages to compete and have fun!

The predominant sanctioning bodies are IPSC, USPSA, and IDPA.

Who is it for?

Action shooting is for anyone who can legally own and safely operate a firearm in a competitive environment.

Competitors of all backgrounds are welcome. Male or female, young or old, fit or no so much. Younger shooters will need to be accompanied by a legal guardian.

This sport is a great way to test the reliability and operation of your equipment and prove that it can handle a serious workload.

If you are interested in moving beyond one shot-per-second square-box range trips and would like to have fun testing your shooting skills, then read on!

What is DAPS?

Dallas Action Pistol Shooters is a local non-profit organization for, uh, action pistol shooting! We are the enitity registered with USPSA who organize and hold the matches.