Hybrid Action Pistol Scoring

Time plus scoring.

Total Time + (Penalties * 5) = Stage Time

A stage shot in 17 seconds with 3 misses would be:

17 + (3 * 5) = 32 seconds

The same stage shot in 24 seconds with 1 penatly would be:

24 + (1 * 5) = 29 seconds

Action Steel Scoring

Steel Rules

Steel match scores are measured in time plus penalties. There is a 45 second par time (time limit).

There is an additional cap of 45 seconds. Any final time that would go over 45 seconds is capped at 45 seconds.

Total Time + (Penalties/Misses * 5) - (Bonus time) =  Stage Time

A stage shot in 15.4 seconds with 2 misses and 3 2-second bonus plates:

15.4 + (2 * 5) - (3 * 2) = 19.4 seconds

The same stage shot in 22.5 seconds with no misses and no bonus plates would be:

22.5 + (0 * 5) - (0*2) = 22.5 seconds

Scoring and Taping

  • The shooter's run ends once the shooter has holstered.
  • The RO will call out the time. The shooter may verify the time.
  • Don't touch the targets until the score is called out! It's against the rules.
  • The Range Officer, the scorekeeper, and the shooter may approach targets for scoring.
  • The Range Officer will call out scores to the scorekeeper.
  • The scorekeeper should echo the scores to make sure there is no discrepancy.
  • Once a target has been scored, then it may be taped.
  • The club will provide the squads with scoring tape or pasters.
  • Everyone helps with taping and resetting.
  • If you are unsure how to reset a stage prop please ask. If there is a failure then a reshoot has to take place and wastes everyone's time.

Everyone is expected to help tape and reset the stage. If you have a physical condition that limits your activity please let your stage or squad RO know ahead of time.

Here is an illustration of the revolving roles expected of a typical squad. At a local match the RO and Scorekeeper are also inserted somewhere in the list. Squads typically have 8-14 shooters and customarily either always shoot in the same order or rotate through the list (first shooter goes last on the next stage, second shooter becomes first).